"The Little One" goes into fashion

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O well, this week I explored embroidering T-Shirts again. Actually, it is much more fun to embroider flat fabric instead of something 3D; all those tedious fumbling under the pressr foot^^. Especially while sewing the flowerbud; it's quite a narrow circle, mind you. But since I can't make up my mind to sew the whole T-Shirt and embroider beforehand...I guess I have to keep up with it (the bulg under the sewing machine, that is...).
And anyway, I love the result! The little one looks really cute on clothes.
As you can see I also experimented stamping - or more correct - stenceling my own size-tags. That was quite fun and they look really marvellous; but, as I looked at the photograph of the finished T-Shirt; it might be a little bit...ah...noticeable?
Mhm, I suppose it's ok when somebody is wearing the Shirt though.

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